I don’t belong anywhere. I often feel that way. Often when I am with other people I feel that I don’t fit in…that I am different somehow that I am the puzzle piece that does not fit into the puzzle. I can’t help but wonder if I will fit in anywhere. I think that no matter how much people accept me there is a limit to how far that acceptance will go. It does not help very much when organizations like TACA, Cure Autism now and Autism Speaks that claim to want to help autistics such as myself use words like epidemic and cure that make me wonder if autism is just a disease. Am I just some diseased individual that with a few pills perhaps even a vaccination or injection can be cured of who I am? What if I don’t want to be cured? What if I am not diseased or sick?

It’s very hard to fight such a belief about myself if the rest of the world thinks I am. It’s no wonder I don’t belong anywhere. I am made to feel like I need to be put in quarantine.

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