When the Light Ends

As time marches on

And the halls of majesty whisper nothing

And only the echoes of silence are all that remain

Even death seems like a fading memory

As everything and anything slowly slips away

Into the black hole of bliss

Yet only the light remains

Holding on as it resists the crushing forces of nothingness

That surround it

Swirling around it in a fury absent of passion

Which has dissipated into the nothingness that consumes everything

Try as it might the light fades away

And slowly is crushed by the eternal nothingness into blissful oblivion

Transcending everything and nothing

And transforming into the effervescence of emotion

And illuminating the nothingness so that only the absence of nothing remains

And only a dream of what once was can still be felt

Corazon Partido

Corazón partido
Corazón espinado
Corazón frío
Corazón sin amor
Amor sin caricias
La profunda decepción si existe
Existe en el fundamental meollo de los engañados
Pero qué pudiera existir sin amor?
Lamentablemente solamente las memorias de un corazón partido existen sin amor

Eyes of Light

Truth has is its meaning
But meaning has no truth
Like eyes that flutter 
Concealing the irises and pupils
The eyes of light conceal the truth
That ignores that which is around
As if it never existed
To fixate their beams 
On something better
As if the truth that went before
Was built on falsehoods and fantasies
Each fantasy based upon a proposed reality
Which the eyes of light exposed as their own falsehood
Running from what could have been true and strong
Ignoring the all-encompassing truth around them
But these eyes see what they want
And live in an ideal fantasy
That some are not ready to actualize
And run from the light 
To hide in the dark
So the eyes of light
Cannot penetrate their souls
And not mend their broken hearts
By refilling them with light
A light that sees everything
And scans the darkness for the lost souls
So as to give them hope
The hope to continue on
And mend hearts with light

Hold on to the Night

Hold on to the night

Has the shape of things changed
That as hope rises the world dances a little more
In that endless symphony of dreams
Playing the final song of the night
As two lovers dance the night away
As if to say here we are
And we don’t care if you see us
For our special brand of magic
Was created when the conductor lifted his baton
And the band began to play that soft melancholy tune
As the hours passed by and we stared endlessly into each others eyes
Seeing the universe’s reflections in our souls
As our hearts wept
For we knew the dance must end
But with every last bit of love
We held onto the night
For it was there that our dreams came true
And we knew the night would never end
For as the night went on we got lost in each others arms
And played no heed as the conductor put his baton away
For the music was playing in our hearts
And created by our souls?

Be the Change

The change is you
Live it like it was tomorrow today and yesterday
Society drags down those who don’t resist
Resist the mediocrity and the hypocrisy
The change is within you
And lives through you
It shields the downtrodden from the fists of society
And builds up the weak to highest points
Be the change
And it will change you
Never look back
Keep your eyes on the future
Like the light that it is
It will guide you to the change you can be
Be the change and it will change you
The future seems bright if you live it
The future will be the change
And the change will be you

A Night at the Ballet

Spinning whirling twirling
round and round
up and down
backward and forward
go the ballerina’s skirts with the rustling 
as she pirouettes her way through the stage
pitter patter go her feet
the violins melodically huhuh
as the pas de deux begins
clash! go the cymbals
as the villain enters
the huhuhing of the violins steps up
the ballerina looks up to the blare of the trumpets
the cello oooms menacingly as the villain approaches
but the hero arrives to the whistle of the flutes
Clash! Clash! Clash! go the cymbals as the two duel
the trumpets blare for one final time as the villain dies
transitioning to the soft whistling of the flutes
as the lovers unite
when the curtains plop to the stage
the audience
clap! clap! claps!


The lantern danced with the devil
Singing liebestod forever.
What a pair they were
Whriling and twirling in their ghastly delight
The devil was in the details of the dance
The lantern was is in the beauty
Round and round they went chanting their haunting song
While the lights cast an eery glow on the floor
Where their feet never seemed to touch
But in the end the dance must end
This ode to liebestod
Even the dance has to unite with the one it loves
And then they will spin the night away
In that waltz of life and death
Life and death are lovers
Who as they dance,
Can never touch the floor
And they cry liebestod forever!

A Poem About Nothing

A Poem about Nothing
This poem has no point
It is not trying to tell a story
Or convey an emotion
It just IS
And that is all there is to it
No reason no story
No grand design the scheme of things
It just IS
And that is all there is to it
This poem is not trying to occupy space
Or take up anyones time
It has nothing to say
It just IS
And that is all there is to it
Dont expect it to reveal the meaning of life
To do that the poem would have to have meaning
It just IS
And that is all there is to it
This poem really is about nothing
Or rather the absence of nothing,
Which is really an abstract concept
That is impossible for our minds to fathom
How can this poem be about nothing?
It just IS
And that is all there is to it

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And The Days Go On

And the days go on
The sun sets as
The past gives way to the night
And the period of searching and wondering begins
The objective hidden in the cloud of the heart
And the days go on
What the future brings no one knows
And the night fades away
As the past gives way to the present
Constantly searching for the answer
As the isolation of the past sets in
And the solitude gives way to quiet thought and reflection
And the wondering leads to thoughts and decisions
That both frighten and embolden
And the days go on
What the future brings no one knows
And the night fades away
As the past gives way to the present
Still the thoughts of regret nip at the heels
But with each step they fade like the past
And as the uncertainty looms
The wayward spirit knows
That the days go on
What the future brings no one knows
And the night fades away
As the past gives way to the present
The future may frighten
But it is being scared of change
Is better than than the cowardice of the past
And standing at the gates of uncertainty
The first step is taken
And the days go on
What the future brings no one knows
And the night fades away
As the past gives way to the present

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