A Night at the Ballet

Spinning whirling twirling
round and round
up and down
backward and forward
go the ballerina’s skirts with the rustling 
as she pirouettes her way through the stage
pitter patter go her feet
the violins melodically huhuh
as the pas de deux begins
clash! go the cymbals
as the villain enters
the huhuhing of the violins steps up
the ballerina looks up to the blare of the trumpets
the cello oooms menacingly as the villain approaches
but the hero arrives to the whistle of the flutes
Clash! Clash! Clash! go the cymbals as the two duel
the trumpets blare for one final time as the villain dies
transitioning to the soft whistling of the flutes
as the lovers unite
when the curtains plop to the stage
the audience
clap! clap! claps!

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