Eyes of Light

Truth has is its meaning
But meaning has no truth
Like eyes that flutter 
Concealing the irises and pupils
The eyes of light conceal the truth
That ignores that which is around
As if it never existed
To fixate their beams 
On something better
As if the truth that went before
Was built on falsehoods and fantasies
Each fantasy based upon a proposed reality
Which the eyes of light exposed as their own falsehood
Running from what could have been true and strong
Ignoring the all-encompassing truth around them
But these eyes see what they want
And live in an ideal fantasy
That some are not ready to actualize
And run from the light 
To hide in the dark
So the eyes of light
Cannot penetrate their souls
And not mend their broken hearts
By refilling them with light
A light that sees everything
And scans the darkness for the lost souls
So as to give them hope
The hope to continue on
And mend hearts with light

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