Hold on to the Night

Hold on to the night

Has the shape of things changed
That as hope rises the world dances a little more
In that endless symphony of dreams
Playing the final song of the night
As two lovers dance the night away
As if to say here we are
And we don’t care if you see us
For our special brand of magic
Was created when the conductor lifted his baton
And the band began to play that soft melancholy tune
As the hours passed by and we stared endlessly into each others eyes
Seeing the universe’s reflections in our souls
As our hearts wept
For we knew the dance must end
But with every last bit of love
We held onto the night
For it was there that our dreams came true
And we knew the night would never end
For as the night went on we got lost in each others arms
And played no heed as the conductor put his baton away
For the music was playing in our hearts
And created by our souls?

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