History brick by brick

I sit here at the Starbucks by my house listening to the music as it emanated from the speakers.
Still I love days like this when the weather is nice and the people are milling about the streets lazily strolling to their destinations.
This is my favorite part of my hometown Pomona with all of its old buildings and the history that binds the bricks of the buildings together.
I have recently rediscovered some of the old jewels in Pomonas downtown area which combines the old with the new.
Yet I cannot help but feel the history in the buildings in this rustic yet metropolitan area of the city filled with brick buildings, bistros, bookstores, murals and lofts.
It was here that the heart of the city was born with the theater and the packing houses and where it was buried when all the stores moved out after the mall was built a few cities away.
Now new life is slowly coming back to this city.
The Glasshouse is here and the Fox Theater is slated to reopen in January. On weekends the streets that were once dead now teem with the young as they make their way to some of the clubs. And every second Saturday art lovers meander down the streets swaying to the sounds of live jazz as they stop at the galleries along Third and Thomas Streets. Yet as they walk they may not notice the sign for the old Pomona Bakery which closed years ago. But the times being what they are new bakery has opened up on Second Street where gourmet pastries delight customers. Now in a telling sign new has replaced the old but things have stayed the same.

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