No Facebook: Day One

The first day without a facebook.

If you are reading this on the site its probably because every time I write a blog it is automatically imported to Facebook even without me using the site.

The day I would say was pretty productive. Instead of spending my time trolling around on other people’s profiles…obsessively and compulsively sometimes for several hours…the longest time was a 4 hours of being logged in. I was able to get a lot done…including the reading for my anthropology class which I have been behind in ever since the beginning of the semester…which was a good thing considering my somewhat obsessive-compulsive tendencies towards social networking sites…some of which I have come to realize are a complete waste of time…I refuse to respond to comments and wall posts and all the fucking lols and hahas.

So instead of spending an inordinate amount of time on my fat ass staring at a computer screen and the picture of some drunk friend exposing his alcoholism on Facebook. I studied, called the caterer went to church to get my ashes and started writing again.

Not writing for me, particularly here in my blog was perhaps the worst part of my addiction to Facebook.

I mean my addiction to that site was so bad that I would literally be constantly scanning for new friend updates on my blackberry so focused on what I was doing that I would literally walk into things like streets with on coming traffic and the like. As of midnight I signed out my Facebook account and have been walking with my blackberry in hand waiting for the next wall post or message. I still did get a lot of email notifications from Facebook from people writing on my wall, but instead of responding I just went on my way and updated my Twitter account which I forgot was connected to mt Facebook.

Since I am not trolling around the Facebook site for hours on end…I even started filling my time reading stuff , like the newspaper and books and in a few hours I had finished that book the Wizards First Rule which I had started reading in December but stopped because my Facebook addiction had consumed so much of my time.

Now I use my Twitter account more as I have been for the past several weeks because it is not such a time consuming and site and it allows me to write a blog…or better yet anything at all…simply as if I was just sending a text message.

Also I found that the more time I spent on Facebook I was isolated from the world. A lot of time I would just pull out Blackberry and log onto my facebook when I was in other peoples company primarily so I could avoid having to actually talk to a human being. A recent time that I noticed myself doing this was at Angela’s coming home party just before just before school started. I remember as she was driving me home pulling out my blackberry and logging onto my facebook. I saw her kind of glance at me and it was just then that I began to realize that I had an addiction that was beyond obsessive. I mean here I was using facebook to chat with other people instead of talking to a friend of mine who I had not seen in three months and had just returned from Australia. I realized what kind of person would do that? A selfish one, but then addiction is a selfish thing.

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