No Facebook: Day Two

Today was a disaster…at least it started off that way. Perhaps the disaster was due to the aftermath of all the drama that happened last night and spending the rest of the day recovering from that tornado of events…I was not able to get much done.

I may have even failed my comm 317 quiz, which frustrates me, but there is nothing that can be done at this point. Still as much the aftermath of all the drama last night took its toll on me emotionally and left me tired and depressed throughout the day, but my spirits were picked up when my friend April invited me to have lunch with her at Chipotle and I ran into my friend Jackie who I had not seen since last semester. Seeing those two always seems to lift my spirits, but as I was eating lunch I noticed that I actually went through the whole meal and walk to and from the Chipotle on State College without pulling out my phone and going on facebook although I kept thinking about doing just that the whole time I was there. By not doing so I felt like I was taking part in a complete and meaningful conversation with someone. Still I noticed that my social and eating skills were a bit lacking in some areas but thats to expected when someone such as myself spends most of his time online instead of out in the real world.

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