a clear thought

it just dawned on me at this very moment that being 3,000 miles away from everyone I know is not all its cracked up to be. part of me feels a bit homesick. but possibly because the idea of striking out on my own is somewhat scary. particularly to someone like me who left home and a lot of friends behind. still the people here are cool and I am getting to know people more at the place I am living. living in the ehs residence definitely has its plusses because of its college dorm like environment and all the social activities that they sponsor. it provides great opportunities to get to know people here. and the more I do the more I feel at home. the same way at my internship. the more coworkers and fellow interns I meet the comfortable I become. this is networking at its most basic level. networking not only provides you with opportunities for advancement but for support when you are falling behind. I took the time to tell some of the editors at foxnews.com that I have a disability and the response has been supportive and I as a response have felt encouraged to do my best and have been putting every effort to succeed at the internship and have really learned a lot about what kind of effort it takes to run a news website. it takes a lot but everything goes almost smoothly because of the communication that goes on at the office. I walk and I know I am in a newsroom. it feels like a newsroom but its an efficient one due to the system of IM based communication the editors use to communicate with each other. after a while I have begun to be accustomed to the rhythm of how things are done at the newsroom. and have begun to become comfortable there and at the residence, but more so at my internship than at home. sounds strange to be calling it my home but my heart is beginning to become comfortable here. and home is where the heart is. And as I write this the less homesick and the more comfortable I become.

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