Torn Apart…(a homecoming)

Torn Apart…A homecoming
When the world was torn apart
The wayward spirit found something to believe in
But with what reason could he have known
That he would discover the world again
And see it as something wonderful and beautiful again.
And now the world is falling down around his ears
Like the walls of Jericho
And hope seems to be dying
But every time he closes his eyes
There he sees the muse of all muses
And the world does not seem so dark
But the world is spinning
And the world spins and spins
But there is one thing to seek
In this world
And that is this
One last moment
When the world is falling apart
And everything is thrown into Chaos
And pandemonium
But in that last moment
The true joy of the human spirit is found
And the turmoils and chaos ceases to exist
As the words run forth like water
And the wayward spirit those few brief moments Struggles to make sense of the chaos before him
But is separated once and for all
From the chaos in the process
Finding true purpose
In what he never thought
He could acknowledge
What he ran from since he was a boy
But now finds himself embracing his fears and differences
A struggle that tore apart the earth of his soul
And as the wasteland spreads out before him
He stands his hands exalting the divine amidst the chaos
Knowing that he has come home…

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