A Season of Hope

Because I'm in the mood to write some poetry because its Christmas, here are some of my Christmas favorites written by yours truly.

A Season of Hope

As the bells ring
And the halls are decked with holly
Hope is abound twinkling in the lights on the tree
And the snow falls blanketing the hate and fears of the world
In the pure white hopes of the day that love was born
As children watch the snow fall from their windows
The fire in the fireplace glistens like the hope in their eyes
And they know that the day of wonders has come
And here is another one of my favorite poems.
When The Light Came Down

The Light came a long time ago
It spread a message of hope and Love
Enjoy the Christmas Season for the Light has come
When the Light came down
The world was in Darkness
Now the Light is here to stay
Enjoy the Love of season
Let it fill everyone's hearts with Joy
Never forget the reason for the season
Now everyone sits around the Christmas Tree
and waits for their presents
They don't realize they have all been given a great gift
because when the Light came down
Love was born on Christmas Day

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