Asperger’s Syndrome and the Missing Edit Button

autism sucks: Facebook and the Aspergers Teen.

After reading the blog I have provided a link to above I felt I could relate to the situation described in various ways.

Having Aspergers, I can see both sides of this issue having engaged in this sort of behavior albeit minus the cursing online (I reserve that for real life) I can understand the desire to blow off steam at the person who has caused the anger especially when I was a teenager. As I grew older I realized that such behavior had repercussions mostly through ruined friendships and the like, so I learned to try and put a muzzle on things. Sometimes that does not always work and as you say the missing edit button is in full effect but once I calm down I quickly apologize and delete my comments. It took me a long time to learn this as I am now 32. I sometimes still do the explosive or cryptic status update but those too for the most part eventually get deleted.

People with Asperger’s as the writer of the linked blog have a missing edit button.  The button that says perhaps we shouldn’t say such things. Too put it mildly people with Asperger’s are pretty f—cking blunt at times. And if upset we have no problem using pretty colorful and often insulting and derogatory language, which is never really appropriate and can sometimes be hurtful. As I mentioned earlier,  I have learned to try and muzzle myself because I know that at least in online situations prospective employers may be watching what I do.

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