Autistic Brains Have More Brain Cells, Study Finds

Autistic Brains Have More Brain Cells, Study Finds – ABC News.
Thanks to my friend @RepetePro for sharing this with me. I don’t know if I like the idea of possibly having an abnormal number of brain cells. People already think I am strange. Now it is apparently at the cellular level. The study mentioned in the article did discover some interesting details.

They found that the brains of the autistic children had 67 percent more neurons in a region called the prefrontal cortex, an area linked to social, emotional, and communication processing — functions that are typically lacking in autism.

This discovery does bring us on step closer to discovering the causes of autism. I say causes  because I believe there is more than one cause. Yet, knowing that the causes are as far down as the cellular level does not surprise me. I have long believed that there is a cellular component to the disorder and this study just proves it. Now if scientists can solve the greatest mystery of all that would be great: how people lose one white sock after they wash.

One thought on “Autistic Brains Have More Brain Cells, Study Finds”

  1. I am with you! CAUSES. I deeply feel the possibility lies in or DNA or not, and then it may be tripped by various environmental factors. There are far too many clues based upon biological factors for it not to be caused somewhat on that level.

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