Michael Raven: A Tragic Loss

Michael Raven, 12, ‘bullied by girl gang for being autistic’ found hanged | Mail Online.

I wrote about my own experiences being bullied in recently in a post and upon seeing this article it immediately drew me back to it having been no stranger to  bullying as a child. I can only imagine the taunting and bullying that Michael experienced that drove him to kill himself. I wonder if the girls responsible feel any remorse? I have to ask this again but when will the abuse stop? When will the ignorance end? When will autistics be fully accepted into society? Those are questions that I  can’t answer, but hopefully someone can soon. No child should be made to feel ashamed or embarrassed because they are different. No child should feel that their only escape is to hang themselves. That is unacceptable.

2 thoughts on “Michael Raven: A Tragic Loss”

  1. As an adult, I’m currently under siege in my workplace and the latest attack featured the words ‘asperger’s syndrome’ even though I haven’t made this public. My attacker (I know who it is) has put things together, and is now using this as as part of his attack to prove I’m not fit to hold my senior management position.

    1. If that is the case you need to document his discriminatory behavior and go to HR and file a report with the EEOC. If that doesn’t work hire an attorney.

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