I wrote in an earlier blog that people make no effort to understand my condition.
I realize that was wrong. Its not other peoples responsibility to ask. It is the responsibility of people like me to tell people what it is like even if they don't ask.
It seems that we have been lax in that area for quite some time…until now. Now it seems as if all that silence has given way to shouting.

One of the ironies of autism is that many autistics are non-verbal but through facilitated typing they are able to communicate
Just because a person does not say anything to say does not mean they do not have anything to say. Give someone the means to communicate and they will tell you what they think.
As a collective all autistics capable of communication are, to quote Howard Beale from the movie Network, shouting we are mad as hell and we are not going to take it anymore!

journalism association for the disabled

I think it is time that we had a journalism associated for the disabled. I would call it the ADJA the Americans with Disabilities Journalism Association. I however do not want to be president there are more qualified people for that.
I just have to ask if anyone would support me on this?
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Weird is as Weird Does

I am tired of people calling me weird. Here’s a fact I am autistic and think you are weird too. Its not so much that I pay attention to how people treat me because I don’t anything less from humanity’s myopic vision. As much as people want diversity the less they can accept it. To me the rest of the world is a strange place full of strange people due to the very nature of autism. What I consider to be normal behavior you consider to be abnormal. I can learn what you consider to be appropriate behavior but it is like a second language to me, which has to practice and utilized with deliberateness because it is not natural to me. I had a friend of mine call me fucking weird one night in the pub in the TSU. All it did was remind me that no matter how much I make an effort to learn about your world there is little or no effort on your part to learn about mine. Why should you? You might ask. I am here and I exist. I am as human as you are I expect of you what you expect of me: understanding that as weird as I am to you, you equally as weird to me.


I have to wonder what this thing called truth is. Is it as objective as people say or is it as subjective as some want it to be? I honestly have no answer. In a world where lies masquerade as truth and truth wears the mask of deception, the answer to such a question can itself seem like a lie. But how do we know what is truth? Is it found in a book? Or is it found in the commandment I am the Lord of your God. Thou shalt have no God but me. If that is true, truth is subjective. It is how we define our relationship with God and what we think his message to be. But if it is not subjective, it is the objective truth that God is Love. Still the question remains, if truth is God and God is Love, what is truth? Is truth Love? If so, what is Love? And how can be the truth be objective if Love is not? It can be both. This may sound like a dues ex machina resolution to the question and thus not answer but it is the only one that circular logic can come up with especially when the question is the answer.

The Last Day

Of the year

Of work

Of class

Of war

Of peace

Of damnation

Of tribulation

Of salvation

Of air

Of light

Of the world

Of the beginning

Of the end

Of the Omega

Of the Alpha

Of virtue singing

Of vice cawing

Of love rejoicing

Of hate recoiling

Of truth lying

Of villainous good

Of beneficent evil

Of fullness

Of malcontent

Of happiness

Of sadness

Of nothing and everything

Of birds chirping

Of life beaming

Of the sun shining

Of the world turning

Of your life



5 am

Some might be wondering just what the hell I am doing writing this at 5 in the morning. I have two words for you: final exams otherwise known as the scourge of humanity. I hate final exams, but like most rites of passage they must be endured if the next level of advancement. I wish I had something insightful to write right now, but after being awake for nearly 24 hours and having consumed enough caffeine to power Long Island for the better part of year my brain is understandably fried.

I do have to say that I wish I had gotten involved with ASI much earlier, but at least I have gotten the chance to hang with all the cool cats in ASI that have made studying somewhat fun.

A dream deferred

I am never one to give up my objectives but one who will divert from the original plan even if only briefly to make the quest for the end result all that more successful.

After some discussion with my good friend Peter I fhought it might be prudent to do an internship prior to interning at Fox News. The reasoning behind this is to make sure that I stay on track for graduation next year. Doing the internship in the fall would delay my graduation by a semester or more…and I just want to get the hell out of dodge as quickly as possible. I am thinking on applying for an internship at ABC to hone my skills as it were. Although I having worked at the Daily Titan for over a year and a half I am accustomed to the stresses of a daily deadline environment, broadcast is a lot more intensive due to the fact that there can be multiple deadlines in the same day due to multiple newscasts.

Also I seem to be facing the dilemma as to whether or not I should tell the people at Fox that I have Asperger’s Syndrome. While the advice I have gotten is that I should tell them, I am afraid that I might shoot myself in the foot in the process. I have no doubt that I will be successful at Fox when I do the internship, there are still a lot of misconceptions about the disorder, and I bear the burden of being quite possibly the first person with Asperger’s –at least that has been diagnosed– to pursue a career in the media. That is a heavy cross to bear even with the support of my friends who came out in support of me doing the internship after I had questioned their faith in an earlier blog.

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