Weird is as Weird Does

I am tired of people calling me weird. Here’s a fact I am autistic and think you are weird too. Its not so much that I pay attention to how people treat me because I don’t anything less from humanity’s myopic vision. As much as people want diversity the less they can accept it. To me the rest of the world is a strange place full of strange people due to the very nature of autism. What I consider to be normal behavior you consider to be abnormal. I can learn what you consider to be appropriate behavior but it is like a second language to me, which has to practice and utilized with deliberateness because it is not natural to me. I had a friend of mine call me fucking weird one night in the pub in the TSU. All it did was remind me that no matter how much I make an effort to learn about your world there is little or no effort on your part to learn about mine. Why should you? You might ask. I am here and I exist. I am as human as you are I expect of you what you expect of me: understanding that as weird as I am to you, you equally as weird to me.

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