I have to wonder what this thing called truth is. Is it as objective as people say or is it as subjective as some want it to be? I honestly have no answer. In a world where lies masquerade as truth and truth wears the mask of deception, the answer to such a question can itself seem like a lie. But how do we know what is truth? Is it found in a book? Or is it found in the commandment I am the Lord of your God. Thou shalt have no God but me. If that is true, truth is subjective. It is how we define our relationship with God and what we think his message to be. But if it is not subjective, it is the objective truth that God is Love. Still the question remains, if truth is God and God is Love, what is truth? Is truth Love? If so, what is Love? And how can be the truth be objective if Love is not? It can be both. This may sound like a dues ex machina resolution to the question and thus not answer but it is the only one that circular logic can come up with especially when the question is the answer.

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