No Facebook: Day 3

Life seems to get a little stranger without the use of the ‘book. Since it took up most of my time, I am now spending my time either studying more or just trying to find anything to do. Being off the ‘book has had its advantages not spending hours on the computer at the very least keeps me from getting dry eye like I used to.

Still the idea of what to do with my time vexes me. Today I was helping m friend Kami out with a project. She is interviewing me for a project for one of her grad school classes and she asked me what I like to do as hobby. I remember struggling to answer that question and finally saying that I go to the movies. To be honest it was the only thing I could think of to say. I really did not have any other hobbies or any at all for that matter because I was so addicted to Facebook and spent all my free time on the site, and as mentioned in my first blog when my friends were around.

Now I am spending my time trying to figure out what exactly it is that I like doing because honestly I do not have the slightest idea.


2 thoughts on “No Facebook: Day 3”

  1. You could have said Facebook was a hobby! We could have talked about giving it up for Lent and what-not.

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