Mihaylo Courtyard: for Comm 334

The light dancing off the windows gives off this joyful and majestic salute to those who happen to pass under the archway at the north end of the courtyard. Like the opening scenes of a grand ballet the archway increases in its majesty as one approaches it between the buildings on the north side of Steven G. Mihaylo Hall.

When one does enter the courtyard the grand opening of the ballet descends into the subtle and tranquil sounds of the second movement. A bronze statue of Mihaylo himself sits patiently on the as if waiting for more grandiosity to come from the Sun as it reflects off of the glass which covers most of the buildings. Or perhaps he is staring at his own reflection and admiring the modern architecture with its large window that seem to welcome anyone into the building.

Or maybe he is waiting for the year-old tree in the courtyard to grow slowly and spread its branches like the knowledge of the students who pass by the courtyard and glance at the statue as if to say thank you.

Still, the moderness of the buildings is as inviting as its windows are large with its fresh paint that has not turned a beige color with the test of time.

Staring at the entrance to the southern building, the north building and the south building can be seen reflecting in the glass. Perhaps due to the oval curvature of the buildings which create the semi-circle in which the courtyard lays. As one walks around the building one cannot help but feel surrounded or better yet protected by the buildings until one leaves and with one last look watches as the archway slowly shrinks in the distance.

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