The House of Cards

Last night the House voted to pass what Democrats claim was a change that the country needed, but what I saw last night was both parties obfuscating the truth for their own political gains. The Democrats are not the only assholes in Congress. Republicans in my view are just as bad and just as dangerous for the country as the Democrats. I think its time for a third party…because the Republicans and the Democrats represent the people. The government since WWII has been following a system of expansionist policies…some good some not good. What should have been done as Bill O’Reilly suggested was a bill that mandated insurance companies cover everyone and eliminate pre-existing condition coverage denial..let private companies operate the insurance under heavy government regulation including price control and no government run insurance program thereby letting people have a choice as to what insurance they have. but neither the Democrats nor the Republicans will do such a thing because let’s face it ALL politicians are in bed with the lobbyists. Let’s face it we got circled jerked a long time ago. No one in government has the gonads to do such a thing. Not Obama and the Democrats and not the Republicans. The bill that passed last night basically mandated that if people did not get insurance coverage they would have to pay a tax. While I am all for people paying their taxes let’s just call it what it is a fine. People must pay this fine if they opt not to buy insurance. If they don’t pay the fine they can be punished by paying $250,000 and/or prison. This sounds more like Soviet style gulag socialism. Also the insurance should you choose to get it and avoid jail time cannot be used to pay for abortion which makes pro life groups very happy. Basically if you decide you value your individual liberty and your right to choose you will go to jail.
The GOP plan is not much better. While allowing for group plans which traditionally add to competition, which makes the insurance industry happy. People can buy insurance across state lines which could make a huge legal mess. If people buy insurance across state lines thay insurance is governed by the laws of THAT state not the state in which the you live. Meaning you may not get the same coverage and may have to pay a different premium than your neighbor who bought insurance from another state as well. Also by buying out of state insurance you would be under the liability laws of that state, which may be fairly limited compared to the one you live in. While that may seem like a good thing because malpractice lawsuits do bring up health insurance costs it may also mean you are not as well covered as a patient in case of malpractice. The idea will make for a giant legal headache like how to regulate out of state insurances in a state like say California and how such coverage can be applied and so on an so forth.
The vote last night was basically along party lines, but were any of the politicians actually listening to what their constituents actually have to say? No.
Neither Republicans nor Democrats understand the anger that is brewing in the American people because neither party is listening to their constituents. How can they when the only voices they heard are the voices of Dollar Bill as hes being put in their wallets by the lobbies which care less about the people than they do about maintaining their own power and by their own greed. As long as the Democrats and the Republicans don’t have the will to take on the lobbies and actually do what is best for the country even if that means crossing party lines change will not happen. I laugh when politicians on both the left and the right talk about real Americans and their values and what real Americans want because the real America they talk about no longer exists. They let it die. They let it be strangled to death by their greed and corruption. Democrats AND Republicans are bad for this country. Its time to get rid of them all and knock over this House of Cards.

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