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People wait to get coverage because they can’t afford the premiums…not because they are denied coverage. As a matter of fact many conditions which are congenital are included in the pre-existing condition coverage denial conditions such as autism, spina bifida and juvenile diabetes. So if you are not born into a family where your parents can afford to pay for health insurance premiums they are forced to go on Medicaid because they would not qualify for health insurance otherwise The real problem is not who has what condition but how much the doctors charge for their services and how high insurance premiums are. The only way to bring the premiums down while making sure everyone has coverage is by heavily regulating the industry. Literally laws on the books mandating certain charges for medical procedures and mandating a cap on insurance premiums. Employers offered group insurance which people with pre-existing conditions could get but because of the high insurance premiums many employers have stopped offering coverage. They only solution to the problem is through regulation because if competition was going to keep prices down it would have done so already.

3 thoughts on “Healthcare Solutions”

  1. So true. The Republicans may not like the idea of regulations, believing that it grows government, while the Democrats are such girlie men. Just like the utility companies, health care industry must be regulated so that it prevents insurance companies from putting profits over people. Wouldn't that be far more cheaper than the imperfect bill being sent to the Senate right now? Perhaps.

  2. Robert, I am not an expert on health care. I was, however, VERY involved in the care of my father during the six years he was slowly dying as the result of a ruptured brain aneurysm, trauma-induced Parkinson's disease as a result of the aneurysm, heart attacks, stomach tube feeding, etc. You name it, I saw it. And, of course, I am aware of the health care coverage that my husband's company (he is the VP there) offers its employees-AT NO CHARGE TO THOSE EMPLOYEES. Throw in that my brother-in-law is a Neuroradiologist, and I have been around enough to have learned a thing or two. It is important to note that the socialized medicine in Canada has been a disaster for many. There are statistics that show just how many Canadians end up coming to the United States to receive the necessary care. (I can hunt it down if I have to.) Sometimes it is because the technology and needed equipment is unavailable, but available here in the States. Other times it is because the wait to see specialists is outrageously long. It is difficult enough here to get to see specialists in a timely fashion, so you can only imagine how godawful it is THERE. It is also worth noting that in some parts of Canada, they have allowed private care because of the above-mentioned problems. In England, dental care is way behind the times in comparison to the United States. Was it determined to be less important than other types of health care, so it has been neglected? Not good, especially since there have been studies that show a direct link between poor dental care and cardiac problems. Yes, we need a change in the status quo. For those who do have pre-existing conditions, they must be allowed coverage. Insurance companies have pretty much had free reign in determining which medications are covered, too. I think there needs to be a change. But I am in no way enthused about the government having its big paw in health care. They can barely wipe their own asses without smearing it all over the U.S. citizens. (Oh, and illegal aliens can get health care if they pay for it? WTF is up with THAT? Yeah, that's in that Health Care plan. Lovely.
    Let the insurance companies be forced to compete much the same way grocery stores do to get out business. They price slash, match prices, etc.

  3. Nikki I thank you for comments but I cannot agree with you. I have the utmost respect for you, but I ,must respectfully disagree with you. Actually as Democrats have repeatedly stated illegal aliens will not be covered by their insurance plan. And your husband's company is the exception no the norm. I wanted to point out the quantifier many which I assume you missed. I can also provide statistics of how many Americans went to Canada and Mexico for their healthcare. I too have a lot of experience in healthcare as my mother is R.N. who actually works in a hospital. Laws are the only way to effect change, but you seem to misunderstand me. I'm not advocating for a National Healthcare System. I am advocating for a system much like the ones found Switzerland and Japan which are not nationalized like England and Canada but thus run by the government but regulated and run by private corporations and non-profits.

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