The Forever Love

It lingers on idyllic nothingness
Yet dances to the beat of the heart
As the heart sings of all the joy in the world
While the eternal beat
Thump thumps
Causing the universe to expand and heave with each breath
As infinity wells in the eyes
And perhaps what should be never ends
While the dream chasers
Keep their loves fleeting
But in their hearts and souls
They know their love is forever
Like the daylight it breaks a virtuous new dawn
Of faith, hope, and love
A love that does not judge
And is as unconditional as the day itself
Which casts a light on the darkness in my heart
Showing that the dark is light
And lasting forever
This forever love
Although separated by time and distance
Has never failed or faltered
But has shined in the vast infinity of time
Which measures out love in seconds and minutes Traveling straight and true
To the point
Where faith, hope and love
Intertwine once more
Swirling like oil paint on the canvas of the universe
While the Great Artist paints a picture of forever love
That inspires a beautiful eternity
Of hoping, believing, and loving.

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