Flying to Make Believe

I wrote this because my inspiration seems to have left me for the moment.

She’s gone to the wind
Never to return
I shall miss her so
But the winds of fate have flown her away
To that far a away land of make believe
Where gossamer hopes become reality
And the future remains unseen
And the possibility of what once might have been never looks back
As the light touches the ground in the land of make believe
In the arms of the melodies she sings
Placed there by the music of the world she has taken to be her everything
But I would give anything to have her back
to hear her voice
Her laugh
Her smile
And her tears
I am thankful to have known her
Yet I would give up my pen if just to hear her voice
For my pen is the only gift I have to sacrifice
And I am nothing without it
But sacrifice it I would
So that my Muse may smile kindly on me
Once again

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