Billy Joe


Billy Joe had always believed in love

Until her husband Brian beat her beliefs out of her

She would tremble with fear

Hoping that he would not come home drunk

Because if he did,

His fists would come raining down on her like a hail of bullets

Their son would see this

And beat on kids in school

Using the same words that Brian used

Like father like son

Billy Joe loved her son dearly

And hated Brian

His constant abuse had left her broken

But one day Billy Joe found the resolve to fight back

Her end to the abuse was simple

She did it without even realizing what she had done

The prosecutor called Brian’s murder a crime of passion

Billy Joe always maintained that it was self-defense

Through the trial

And into the sentencing

When she stood before the judge,

He gave her life in prison without the possibility of parole

Simply because she wanted to have a life free from abuse

And a free life she had in her jail cell

Her friends abandoned her

And her son refused to see her

Billy Joe spent many years in prison

Until one of the guards found her

She was hanging from the ceiling by her belt

At her feet was a small note addressed to her son

It said simply: I love you

Her funeral was very small

It was only attended by her son and his wife and daughter

All he could think about was the lesson he had learned

Love has nothing to do with control or fear or denigration

Love is commitment and respect and devotion


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