When should we stop caring?

When is it time to stop caring? To stop loving? To walk away and give up on your fellow man?
I have wondered about this question for some time now.  All I seem to get is more questions and fewer answers….
I see people in pain…or hurting…and I have this need to want to help.  I believe people can be better but not made better, but rather inspired to be better…
Perhaps when I see a problem or decent people struggling I can try to reach out and wipe away their tears.  Perhaps I can fight intolerance and hate and inform people about the world around them. Perhaps I can say a kind word or two to people when I see tears in their eyes. Perhaps we can all do those things.  But will it ever be enough? Will it be to the satisfaction of God? Will it be enough to redeem ourselves?
This is something that I believe in fervently.  It will never be enough.  All we can do is what we can.  All we can do is what we were meant to do.

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